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MOLLO TUTTO is a brand of Eco-Design 100% made in Italy, of clothing, accessories and furniture. But not only, it is a life style which promotes the choice of chasing dreams, idealized by the Fashion Designer and Artist Natalie Rossi. It is born and produced at the Eolian Islands where there is the Official Store MOLLO TUTTO since 2014. We boast several affiliates with dedicated line: Salina – Stromboli Vulcan – Filicudi – Panarea – Noto – Ortigia – Etna Belpasso in Rifugio – Palermo – Forte dei Marmi (LU) – Santa Margherita Ligure (GE) Marina di Fezzano (SP) – Marina di Ravenna (RA) – Puntaldia (OT) Ventotene (LT) – Isole Tremiti (FG) ……….

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MADE 130

100% Biological cotton

We carefully select our fabrics.

Tailored exposition
We help to project your expo in your shop

Exclusivity of zone
The affiliate is the unique reseller of the brand in his area.

Dreams are born here
Italian fabrics processed in our workshop in the Aeolian Islands

The dreams of the paper boat traveling the world…

The logo of the brand, a small paper boat, was the game that designer Natalie played with Alice, her 4-year-old girl. From that boat of paper expression of lightness and poetry, born an artistic performance carried out in Marina corta in 2014. The artist makes many paper boats leading to the marina of Marina corta, invites tourists and local fishermen and all those who were there at that time to take a boat write a message and give it back to the sea…


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