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Chasing dreams

MOLLO TUTTO is a brand of Eco-Design 100% made in Italy, of clothing, accessories and furniture. But not only, it is a life style which promotes the choice of chasing dreams, idealized by the Fashion Designer and Artist Natalie Rossi. It is born and produced at the Eolian Islands where there is the Official Store MOLLO TUTTO since 2014. We boast several affiliates with dedicated line: Salina – Stromboli Vulcan – Filicudi – Panarea – Noto – Ortigia – Etna Belpasso in Rifugio – Palermo – Forte dei Marmi (LU) – Santa Margherita Ligure (GE) Marina di Fezzano (SP) – Marina di Ravenna (RA) – Puntaldia (OT) Ventotene (LT) – Isole Tremiti (FG) ……….

The Brand

This brand follows an affiliation project through the study of a specific strategy which is focused on the customer’s business place. The working project is agreed with the designer Natalie Rossi who will then manage the whole process. As a brand, along with other lifestyle slogans such as Mollo tutto Vivo in Barca and Mollo tutto Vivo di Teatro, we can guarantee the product’s exclusivity and originality. The company’s purpose is to double the number of affiliates over the next year and to start up a successful franchise campaign, along with the opening of a flagship store all over the country.It is a work in progress that also involves other countries from the European Community. The Mollo Tutto Project has got many strong points: high quality and innovation in choosing the finest materials, originality and dynamicity in its frequent new proposals and above all, an incredible attention to the exclusive Made in Italy production.The customization, agreed with the affiliate, which is the only brand reseller in its own place, will be the foundation of a creative project, if the affiliate comes from a little island or village, whereas if he comes from larger cities, then, more specific regulations will be respected.
Furthermore, every Mollo Tutto Corner is studied and designed in detail when it comes to furniture and products display. Every single space is personalized by designer Natalie Rossi, who always maintains the brand recognition through its trade sign. Another strong point of this project is the product packaging, which is entirely made by an
artisan company. It consists of an eco-friendly paper with a little boat shaped closure application, which is the symbol of the brand “Mollo Tutto”.

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Natalie Rossi

Fashion Eco Designer and Legal Representative of Mollo Tutto s.r.l. Company based in Lipari, Messina.
The main high-end store venue is in C/so Vittorio Emanuele 83. She is the creator and owner of the registered brand, which is the result of her  life choice. In fact, in 2004, she decided to settle down in Lipari, with her daughter. That is when the project “Mollo tutto vivo a Lipari” came out, along with the idea of the concept brand growth, who signed the passage from the status of a high –end store into a potential worldwide franchising company. The investigation on the concept, furniture and image of the brand is entirely led by Natalie Rossi. There is so much passion, strength, determination and poetry behind her work. This spirit fills the brand with full energy and business development. Natalie is graduated at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna. She chose the
painting course with Concetta Pozzati. She also got a degree in object design, which she took at Facoltà di Architettura, in Palermo.


Edoardo Lauria

Business Manager and Mollo Tutto’s member. The working path of these two bumped into each other when they met in Lipari.  Edoardo has got an excellent growth experience within various historical business activities in Lipari. He also cured the opening and the start-up of a big mono brand Benetton store from year 2006 to 2011. His strong position in the development of society played a significant role in the activity since he is the one who deals with business consultations, new relationships with customers, agents, partners, warehouse management and